"You & Me & We": The New Single From Contemporary Jazz Keyboardist Mark Etheredge

Keyboardist and composer Mark Etheredge returns with a new single offering in You & Me & We.

“You & Me & We” released worldwide on Vipaka Records on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. The single went to radio October 5 with servicing by Gorov Music Marketing.

Etheredge has once again teamed up with Two-time Grammy® Winning producer and guitarist Paul Brown along with bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Gorden Campbell and percussionist Lenny Castro. The contemporary instrumental jazz track, written by Etheredge, was recorded at Big Surprise Music in Los Angeles, recorded by Carmen Grillo, mixed by Paul Brown, and mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk of Sienna Digital.

“You & Me & We” is a duet with Etheredge and Brown, bringing jazz, funk, latin and blues influences together in an optimistic, upbeat track.

Etheredge’s earlier radio single “Connected" (the title track from the album) ranked No. 6 on Billboard's Smooth Jazz Chart, and subsequent singles “Roger That” and “Resonance” received charting successes as well.

The inspiration for the tune? “It’s all about love,” says Etheredge. “How can we coexist peacefully with one another? If ‘you’ and ‘me’ think not just about our own wants and needs and consider a third way, ‘us,’ we can focus on shared interests that benefit us both and live more harmoniously.”

“You will instantly fall for keyboardist Mark Etheredge…With an approach that’s so hypnotically appealing, Etheredge brings that contemporary jazzy, bluesy, sassy, sauntering jazz along with some great big band horn stylings.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride

“As easy as the music flows, Etheredge’s playing is far from simpering or simplistic. He knows how to play the deeper grooves.” - AXS

“A real winner for smooth jazz fans that were sorry when radio programmers turned the sound into wallpaper, this cat knows his stuff and ain’t afraid to strut it.” – Midwest Record 

“Music that celebrates the optimism that comes with positive human connection.” – Soul and Jazz and Funk

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Etheredge has performed alongside notable artists such as Tom Politzer (Tower of Power), Danny Hull (Journey), Charlene Moore (Weather Girls), Jeanie Tracy (Two Tons of Fun), Charles Williams (Johnny Otis), Clifford Coulter (John Lee Hooker), Clare Fischer, Marsha Stevens, and more. His groups have opened for Bobby McFerrin, Sergio Mendes, Tuck and Patti, Betty Carter, Sheila Jordan, and numerous others.

Etheredge studied jazz performance at De Anza College and San Jose State University. On his musical journey he absorbed a wide spectrum of genres including jazz, pop, classical, rock, gospel, blues, R&B, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Brazilian styles.